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Profiled Member: Zach Wygant


Profiled Member: Zach Wygant

“I was like the guy on Supersize Me… I was looking for a way to just get myself healthy, CrossFit has changed my life in countless ways.  The changes have been vast and great.  My cholesteral has dropped in half.  Having a community the second I moved down here was one of the best things.”  Zach, CFP member. 

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23 Responses

  1. Holly

    A. 185# for all 5 sets of deadlifts
    B. 6 + 22 calorie row (I think, the math that early in the morning is questionable somedays)
    Today was really rough for me. I was/am still really sore from yesterday’s wod! Thanks to my partner Sara J for pushing me to keep moving forward!

  2. Laura S

    A. Deadlifts @ 125 + Pushups
    B. 5 rounds
    It was a good wod. Definitely still sore from fair walking yesterday

  3. Ben

    1.) 275# dead lifts with push-ups. Did 10 push-ups for first two sets, but switched to 20 for last three sets.

    2.) 7.5 rounds, Russian swings at 2 pood.

  4. Sara Jech

    A. 2 sets of 5 @ 155lbs …. Then realized we were only suppose to do 3 reps…
    3 sets of 3 @ 175lbs….
    Dips with red band

    B. Partnered with Holly Todd……. 262 Total Calories…
    So 6 + 22…….. I actually really enjoyed this WOD

  5. Carrie

    A. Kept it light yet. 115# all rounds
    B. partner with Jenn!!! Who hoo just made 240 calories in time. This was a tough one!!

  6. Paul Bye

    A. Deadlift @225#, bar dips (last set of dips was tough)
    B. I think I was confused on how we are counting the rounds, but 246 calories (so 12 rounds or 6 rounds). Was able to always get in at least one round of the burpee/box-jump/KB swing AMRAP every time I wasn’t rowing. Had to give up on jumping 2/3 of the way through and do step-ups instead.
    C. Mow lawn, scaled w/ self-propelled rear wheels 🙂

  7. Crysta P

    I’m back!
    A. Performance
    Deadlifts @55lb/Dips
    B. Fitness w/ Christine – 8 rounds
    Russian Swings w/ pink KB
    Wanted to throw up at the end, but it felt good to be back! Always fun to work with a partner.

  8. Cory L

    A. Fitness (modified): 4 sets of 20x situps, 45s rest, 4×8 pos body builders, 45s rest.
    B. Fitness (modified): 20m AMRAP 10 cal row/AMRAP 3x burpees, 10x goblet squats. 11 rounds with Megan.
    Wow… this WOD wrecked me. Felt sick and lower back spasms from time to time, but hopefully nothing to be too concerned with. I felt like I was able to perform the WOD with better form (*eyes the burpees sitting in the corner*) than even just a few weeks ago despite the level of fatigue. I’ll be away until next Wednesday so my back is going to get a rest anyway.

  9. JennF

    A. 135# DL .. kept it a little light to push through the dips. Dips with blue skinny band. Tough on the shoulders!
    B. Yay morning crew.. nice size group this AM!! Love partner WODs, but more the ones where you get to rest… this was brutal, but a good brutal. 6 complete rounds (240cal).

    Tim hows the shoulder?? So woulda taken a timeout to provide you medical care…but no, you just pop it back in place and complete the WOD (and kick our butt!!).

  10. Sara R.

    A. DL for 1st round @145# but the rest @ 125# cuz I didn’t want to keep changing weights( that wears me and did push ups
    B. partnered w/ Sara – we got 5 rds in and just got started on the 6th

  11. Sue N

    A. Deadlifts at 105#, should have added more weight
    B. 5 full rounds, plus 18 calorie row.
    20 mins is long, but this one was a good balance of functions, felt good!

  12. Staci Vinz

    A. Bulgarian split squats/bent over rows
    B. Partner WOD w/ Susan:
    6 rds + some change @ 1.5 pd

    Sled pulls
    100 variety of sit-ups

  13. Nicole Chovan

    A. Done.
    B. Done. Went better than expected.

    A Done, very tough!
    B. GHD Sit ups 3×15 and GHRs 3×15

  14. jerome

    Definitely missed working out with everyone

    A. DL @ 225 and strict Matador dips the whole way
    B. 7+14 on the wod. Had a very motivating partner (Jeremy)

  15. Susan Kian

    A. Bulgarian split squats/bent over rows
    B. Partner WOD w/ Staci
    6 rds + some 1.5 pd

    A few strict chest to bar pull ups

    Sled pulls

    Partner wod is fun.

  16. Sara G

    A. Deadlifts @ 125#, dips w/green band for 3 rounds then switched to pushups
    B. 5 rounds exactly with Sara R – brutal WOD, really sore legs this morning!