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What We Offer

Group Training

Progression Fitness in Rochester MN is a community-based strength and conditioning facility with an emphasis on social integration. At its core, you will find a tight-knit support network of members that are highly dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.

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Rev Program

Our REV Program is the next evolution of your fitness journey. HIIT training is what this program is about. 3 different class styles to hit 3 different time domains. We add in some basic strength work as well.   After you’ve developed a good base of technique for our foundational movements, we’ll focus on the core and cardiovascular endurance.  

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Progression Bootcamp

The Progression boot camp in Rochester MN is for people looking to get started on a fitness journey. If you are looking to take it the first step, this is one way to do it. Whether you are restarting your fitness after a break, or this is your first real entry into a health and fitness lifestyle, Our expert coaches will guide you correctly along you fitness journey.

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Nutritional Programming

Our Nutrition Coaching Program at Progression Fitness, is truly one of a kind. Our Nutrition Coaching program is designed to provide individuals with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple behavior modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting”.

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Kids Classes

Our Kids program focuses on developing overall athleticism and proper movement mechanics. Our youth athletes are taught to move well now so that they continue to move well (and prevent injuries) as they continue into adulthood. This program also encourages a community based on mutual respect and encouragement, building self-confidence and an appreciation for relationships. We offer programs for 2 age groups, Ages 5-8 and Ages 9-12, to ensure the needs of the kids are met in a developmentally appropriate setting. Scheduled in 4-6 week blocks.


Progression’s Yoga is our restorative yoga and mobility class geared towards active adults and strength athletes. Flexibility is a key element to a wellness regimen that is often overlooked. Mobility Classes will complement all strength and endurance programs. Mobility and flexibility are heavily emphasized, with a strong focus on core strength for stability and balance to help you move in and out of lifts with greater ease.


Our Beginners class is designed with our newest members in mind, but it’s also great if you need a refresher after a break or just take it back down to the basics. Foundational skills and technique work are emphasized in these classes, then are followed by a workout to train those skills.

Olympic Weightlifting

Progression’s Olympic Weightlifting classes aim to improve the classic Olympic lifts, the snatch, and the clean and jerk. Our programming follows set cycles ranging appropriate for beginner to advanced level lifters. Our Olympic Weightlifting classes are great whether you are looking to improve your technique, proficiency, and strength, or wanting to pursue Olympic Weightlifting as a sport. We have also found that the most successful CrossFit athletes have built a strong technical foundation in these 2 lifts..